I now offer in-person workshops! I’ve limited the size of my classes to 10 students. Once classes are full, you can join a waitlist for the next round. Join my newsletter for studio news, class reminders, and announcements!

Workshops I Offer

Intro to Pointed Pen Calligraphy

March 25th & 26th, 2023

Get acquainted the Pointed Pen Calligraphy in this 2-part class. You’ll finish class with a good understanding of Copperplate Script and writing with a pointed dip pen.

a calligrapher's hand writing the word, "autumn" in cursive using a pointed pen and brown ink.
The word, "calligraphy" writen in a heavy calligraphy script in black ink on white paper. There is a right hand holding a calligraphy pen.

Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy

Explore the basics in our new 2-part in-person workshop, Broad Edge Calligraphy for Beginners. This is a great primer for learning to study other calligraphic hands later on.

Intro to Hand Drawn Lettering

In this 2-part online class, we’ll explore drawing letters that look like calligraphy. After this workshop, you’ll be able to use hand lettering to make greeting cards, signs, and personal artwork.

Online Class: Intro to Hand Drawn Letterin

How to Write with a Brush Pen

In this one-hour class for beginners, you’ll finally get a chance to dust off that marker you’ve been avoiding! Learn how to control your brush pen and make the letters you want to make!

Can’t Commit to a Class Right Now?

Visit my page, Learning Calligraphy for Beginners, to get started at your own pace.

A side view of 4mm Copperplate Guidesheets. There are a pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a calligraphy penstaff resting on the page.

About Renee

Renee took her first calligraphy class as a child over 25 years ago and has been seriously studying it for over 9 years. She is experienced in both broad and pointed pen calligraphy and is passionate about sharing everything she can. Renee lives in Tucson, Arizona with her two teenage sons and too many books, pets, and plants.

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2023 Tentative Workshop Dates

These are my upcoming classes for 2023. Dates and classes are subject to change. Don’t miss my class announcements! Sign up for my newsletter here! If you don’t see a class topic you’re looking for, send me an email!

  • Italic Script | October 21 & 22
  • Envelope Addressing Workshop | November 4th
  • Modern Calligraphy – Bouncing Letters | TBA
  • Flourished Holiday Card Class for Pointed Pen | December

Previous Workshops


Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy | February 18th & 19th | Artists and Makers Studios Oro Valley


Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy | July 16th & 17th | Catalyst Arts & Maker Space


Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy | July | Online

Intro to Hand Drawn Lettering | August | Online