Calligraphy Scripts

Use this page to see the calligraphy scripts available to you. Each one can be varied and customized depending on the project.

Broad Edge Calligraphy Scripts


We also used this script on our Threshold Calligraphy for Yoga Oasis

This calligraphy is known for its short, round letters. We can present as contained for formal pieces. We can also vary the size, width, and letter extensions for dynamic works.

Ideal for: Modern Pieces with a Classic Twist and Classic Pieces with a Modern Twist

Italic Script

Wedding Vow Calligraphy in Italic Script for a Tucson Wedding, summer 2021
We wrote these personal Wedding Vows in Italic Calligraphy.

This is a highly flexible, legible, and recognizable calligraphic hand. This script is great for easy-to-read text that’s easy on the eyes and heart. We can write it upright or at a slant. We can also vary the thickness and decoration of the script.

Ideal for: Sentimental Pieces, Long Passages of Text, Envelope Addressing

Foundational Hand

A sample of Foundational Calligraphy Script

Like Italic, this is a highly legible and flexible upright script. Traditionally, it’s written as a wide, elementary-looking hand. It also looks charming and elegant in small and lightweight sizes.

Ideal for: Calligraphy Quotes, Signs

Pointed Pen Calligraphy Scripts

Copperplate Script

This popular hand emerged from Italic Script in the 1700s. It’s an elegant medium cursive calligraphy script. Copperplate Script lends itself to extra decorative lines called “flourishing”.

Ideal for: Decorative Design Elements, Envelope Addressing, Calligraphy Quotes, Simple Notes, Engraving

Spencerian Script

A light, simple, delicate cursive. Spencerian capitals range from being simple to heavily decorated.

Ideal for: Decorative Design Elements, Envelope Addressing, Calligraphy Quotes, Simple Notes, Engraving

Modern Calligraphy

Names Modern Calligraphy Script for place cards

This is a dressed-down and free-flowing version of Copperplate Script. We can either write it with a pointed pen or a thin marker as shown above.

Ideal For: Place Cards, menus

Hand Drawn Lettering

Modern Cursive

Hand Drawn Modern Calligraphy Script
We used Modern Calligraphy for the headings in these Spring Wedding Signs

Our modern version of Copperplate Script, shown above in the word, “Welcome”. This script is a great alternative for non-paper surfaces. Maintaining the structure of Copperplate Script, the letters energetically edge their way out of bounds.

Ideal for: Casual Text, Large Sign Titles, Menu Headings, Non-Paper Surfaces

Roman-Inspired Simple Capitals

Calligraphy over a watercolor painting of the sun rising over a forest with a John Muir quote written on the skyline.
Read a little bit more about how we created this calligraphy art piece here.

We use the proportions of traditional Roman Capitals without shading or decoration for nice, legible text that stands alone.

Ideal for: Informative Signs, Table Numbers

Versal Letters

These are hand drawn letters that mimic the proportions and style of Roman Capitals. They are often adorned with color and illustration as the first letter of a passage.

Lombardic Letters

See the process behind this piece here.

Similar to Versal Letters, Lombardic Letters are also hand drawn. Their forms, however, follow the roundness of Uncial letters. These can also be decorated with lines and illustrations within and around the letters.

Other Creative Calligraphy Scripts

Folded Pen

We designed a logo using this script and painted it onto a catering trailer. You can see more here!

Here’s a fun, legible, rough-around-the-edges script. The pen point is a piece of metal folded in half. It holds ink between the fold. The person writing can let ink fly out in spurts with quick writing or control it with slow thoughtful motions.

Ideal for: Casual, energetic, eye-catching pieces

Art Deco

A white envelope addressed in green ink. The addressee's names are written in art deco style letters with a banner around them. There are flowers and leaves popping up from behind the banner. The rest of the address is written in a monoline Foundational hand.

This script is a fun take on the classic Roman Capitals. These slender capital letters incorporate decorative elements and shapes. Great for menu items or headings, Art Deco letters come as straightforward or dressed-up as you like.

Ideal for: Menu Items, Titles, and Main Body Text

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