Calligraphy Meetup

Come to a Calligraphy Meetup to meet new lettering friends and practice calligraphy!

What is a Calligraphy Meetup?

Once a month, I choose a location to host a handful of calligraphers. We bring our writing tools and some practice paper. Meetups are a great opportunity to try out new pens and see other styles of calligraphy. We also share recent work, favorite books, and talk about all of our writing-related favorites.

Next Meetup

Sunday November 19th


Caffe Luce

4205 N Campbell Ave in the Trader Joes Plaza

Tucson, AZ

A side view of 4mm Copperplate Guidesheets. There are a pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a calligraphy penstaff resting on the page.

Who Can Come to a Meetup?

Calligraphy meetups are for practicing in a casual setting with people who care about letters as much as you do.

Meetups are for all skill levels, beginner to advanced! So, if you’ve been teaching yourself calligraphy and you’re ready to let others see it, or if you need a little guidance and more resources, this type of event would be great for you.

What to Bring to a Calligraphy Meetup

  • your writing supplies
  • paper and guidelines for practicing
  • anything you’ve been working on
  • a script you have questions about
  • new techniques you’re working with
  • favorite calligraphy books
  • scripts you aspire to learn
A right hand holding a pointed calligraphy pen prepares to practice calligraphy using layout paper over calligraphy guidelines.

Where do the Calligraphy Meetups Take Place?

I usually choose a cafe or an artist establishment. The best way to learn about the next date and location is to join my newsletter. You can also follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

Start Here if You’re New to Calligraphy