Custom Calligraphy to Create Lasting Memories

Your intention and ideas showcase the respect, joy, and gratitude you have for others. They’ll appreciate the thought and time you put into this custom calligraphy gift. You’ll appreciate the quality and presentation.

Custom Calligraphy Quote for a client, This is hand drawn lettering and reads, "earth laughs in flowers"; Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Custom Calligraphy Inspiration

Illuminated Birth Details

An illustrated decorative frame around this custom calligraphy piece for a baby's room
Illuminated Birth Piece

Uncial calligraphy on archival watercolor paper for Eloise Parker, framed

10″ by 22″

Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Custom Calligraphy on a wooden panel painted red with gold accents.
“With the Heart” Gift

Foundational Calligraphy for The Little Prince excerpt, acrylic paint on wood panel

8″ by 10″

Anniversary Poems

Custom Calligraphy -- an anniversary poem written in white calligraphy on a blue leaf-printed background.
Anniversary Poem

Italic Calligraphy on a hand-printed leaf background. Matted and framed.

9″ by 12″

Calligraphy Style and Presentation

The fun part, of course, is color and calligraphy. During our consultation, we’ll chat with you about the occasion for the proposed calligraphy and the person or space it’s for. We’ll suggest calligraphy and materials we think would best suit this project. We use artist-grade paints, inks, and papers for professional results that will stand the test of time. View our Calligraphy Script page to get an idea of what we can pen for you.

“Renee did a beautiful, framed piece for us on hand colored parchment . . .

She listened to what we needed and very quickly produced the exact gift we wanted to give to dear friends. She is a total delight to work with, and her work is thoughtfully created. I could not ask for more. If you have any calligraphy needs, do give Renee a call!”

Sheila Schultz

Presenting Your Custom Calligraphy

Our pieces come ready to give, hang, and enjoy! We add a mat and frame most of our work for protection and presentation. We’ll seal the artwork we present on canvas or panels to protect it from dust and fading. Please note that calligraphy requires 2 to 3 times more space than a printed font. Depending on the amount of text, the completed calligraphy will likely be larger than a standard 8.5″x11″ page. I’ll include a rough idea of the size of the completed piece during our consultation.