Live Calligraphy and Engraving

Captivate your clients with live calligraphy and engraving.

Your guests already love your products, but they’ll really love this added personal touch. Handwritten cards in calligraphy and engraved items are perfect for gift-giving and keepsakes. I can quietly engrave their new items in 10 minutes, but your clients will talk about the experience for years to come.

Live Calligraphy

Offer beautiful calligraphy on your company’s branded notecards, tags, gift bags, and more. Ideal for holidays, special events, and brand launches.

Live Engraving

  • Wine and Spirit Bottles
  • Glass Perfume Bottles
  • Enameled Metal (water bottles, insulated wine cups, makeup brushes, makeup cases)
  • Ceramic and glass candles

***Note: Pressurized bottles such as champagne and prosecco cannot be engraved because of the danger of explosion. I can, however, write in calligraphy on bottles of bubbly with a paint pen! Lovely and safe!

Custom Engraving

Leave a mark on their hearts with personalized milestone gifts

Giving a set of fragrances to your bridal party? Commemorating a retirement with a nice bottle of scotch? Bring them to my studio for the perfect personal touch.

$45 for up to 10 words on One Item

Live Calligraphy and Engraving Pricing & Terms

$125 per hour, 3 hour minimum

This price is the same for both services, but I will only offer one or the other per engagement. I’ll provide the ink, pens, or engraving equipment. The client is responsible for providing all writing surfaces, a table with a chair, adequate lighting, and a power source. The size of the item being calligraphed on will determine how many words I allow per customized item, the maximum number being 5. Client is also required to provide a small meal if the engagement lasts 4 hours or more.

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