Invite Me to Teach Calligraphy

I’d be happy to visit you or your group and teach calligraphy to you. Read on for more details of what I teach and what you can expect from a calligraphy workshop from me.

How I Teach Calligraphy

I teach basic techniques and fundamentals to help you grow your calligraphy practice. We’ll go over tips for your workspace and posture, basic shapes of a script, and put it all together to start writing words. I also teach you how to practice so you can strengthen your skills with your own timing. You’ll also receive individual support as we learn.

Class Structures

I offer tutoring in one-on-one sessions, online or in person. I also teach calligraphy in 1 and 2 day workshops with a break for lunch.


You will receive a handout from me with the letters we are working with, guidelines, letter variations, and punctuation and numbers. Before class, I’ll send you an email with an overview of the workshop, the schedule, and a list of materials for you to bring with you. Depending on the class, I may also have materials to provide you that will be yours to keep and work with at home or with your new calligraphy workshop friends!

Submit Your Request

Fill out the form below so we can get everything set up! You can also email me at Visit my Learn page to get an idea of what I offer in my workshops. I am so eager to pass my knowledge of calligraphy to you and help you with your letters!


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Thank you so much for your interest! Looking forward to getting the pen to the page with you.