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Articles to Start Your Calligraphy Practice

The calligraphy articles below will help you get started gathering your materials and learning how to practice. When learning calligraphy, you’ll find that there are a few things to unlearn as well. For future class announcements and a 4-part Introduction series, subscribe to my email list.

Pre-Calligraphy Articles

What I Wish I’d Known When Starting Calligraphy  Our most popular foundational calligraphy article about establishing a practice.

Cultivating Better Posture Habits Since calligraphy takes place in the body, it makes sense that you’d want to be as comfortable and supported as possible. Read this article for tips on adjusting and improving your posture for calligraphy and beyond.

Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them Includes a captioned video. This article discusses the value of guidelines in calligraphy practice and formal work. Practicing with guidelines is essential to improving calligraphy.

What is a Calligraphy Nib?? Here is an overview of how a calligraphy nib works and how to care for them. This article features a captioned video where you can see the movement of a nib up close!

How to Prepare a New Calligraphy Nib Each new calligraphy nib comes with a protective coating. This quick post will show you how to remove it so you can start writing.

Calligraphy Practice Supplies Study and practice make up the true foundation of learning calligraphy. Start with these basic materials and work your way up from there. This article also includes a captioned video.

Calligraphy Nibs and Cholla cactus on Crossroads Calligraphy's writing desk

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Learning to Write

A Better Pen Hold for Better Calligraphy We get better at calligraphy by practicing our writing. This article will show you how to hold a pen to get better results.

Beginning to Write and Practice This article goes over how to choose a script and what strokes to practice to improve the quality of your lines.

Common Issues No matter how much experience a calligrapher has, they still have to pay attention to these things.

Calligraphy Layout for Quality Compositions Learn how to use optical center and margins to plan out and show off your work!

Glossary A helpful collection of terms for people who are learning calligraphy