Calligraphy Retreat

In late May of 2023, I attended my first ever calligraphy retreat with the Calligraphic Society of Arizona. It was the first retreat they’ve had in over 20 years! A few months of planning and excitement went in to this event. Several members volunteered to present a small project for the guild to do. Unlike … More Calligraphy Retreat

2022 Year in Review

2022 helped me narrow down my services and expand my calligraphy community. I also created a road map and a strong foundation for growth. Here’s a look at how my small business expanded and changed! New Events & Services from 2022 In-Person Calligraphy Events in Tucson First Solo Calligraphy Show New Services Content You Loved … More 2022 Year in Review

Our Rebrand Journey

From Case Sensitive Designs to Crossroads Calligraphy “Case Sensitive” was a pen name that chose me when I was a child. I kept it in my back pocket for when I would eventually become a writer. I liked that it had 2 parts, like a first and last name. Who knows why I didn’t want … More Our Rebrand Journey

What I’ve Learned After 5 Years in Calligraphy Business

I established this calligraphy business in September of 2015 as a single parent of two sons with a full time serving job. Starting a side gig sounded as simple as the success stories made it sound. I wish I’d learned earlier on how to streamline my processes and protect my time. Here are 7 things … More What I’ve Learned After 5 Years in Calligraphy Business