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Excited to learn calligraphy, but not sure where to begin?

Maybe you’ve started, but you want your practice to be more effective.

Wherever you are in your journey, this page is right for you. If you’re like me, you learn different things in different ways. Scroll down to find articles, videos, and our social outlets for everything we share about learning calligraphy.

A word of advice, even if you don’t decide to learn from me: be patient. Part of this process is unlearning things that you know about writing, and replacing them with what you learn about calligraphy. This takes time and dedicated practice. But each time you show up to the page, you’ll understand the lessons a bit more clearly.

Learn a little bit more about different calligraphy scripts. Our Scripts page features examples of both broad and pointed pen calligraphy for you to see and get excited about!

Articles to Help You Learn Calligraphy

This is a curated collection of our articles about collecting supplies and practicing calligraphy. They go over topics such as posture for writing, how to hold a pen, and how to correct your calligraphy practice. Together, these concepts strengthen your success in learning calligraphy.

Learn from Our YouTube Channel

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On the Crossroads Calligraphy YouTube Channel, we have videos showing how to set your body and workspace up to make learning and writing calligraphy easier. You’ll also see the materials we recommend to get started with, along with a few advanced tutorials.

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We use our social platforms to share what’s on our desk, quick calligraphy tutorials, and full-length articles and videos. Follow us on your favorite channel to see our new stuff!

Learn Calligraphy Techniques from Our Blog

As you get better at calligraphy, you’ll want to use it for more and more things. Our blog is packed with info on how we set up our calligraphy projects. You can also browse our Portfolio for some new ideas!

Online Calligraphy Classes

We know, we know, you’re probably Zoom-ed out. The benefit of online calligraphy classes is a great view of the teacher’s hand and page. It also helps that we record our sessions for you to review at your own pace. Check out our online classes page to see what we’re currently offering!

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