Calligraphy Engraving on a Birthday Bourbon Bottle

Calligraphy engraving of an Irish toast on a new bottle of bourbon made a fun gift for a young man’s 21st birthday. I chose Italic calligraphy for the text because it’s delicate but easy to read.

Fortunately, there was plenty of empty space on the front of the bottle for the text of the toast! At the top of the bottle, I added the phrase, “Happy 21st Elijah”. I drew and engraved a quick banner around the number to add an element of celebration. I had a couple more spots to fill in to balance the design, so I added his birth year between the label text. Finally, at the bottom, I added the phrase, “Love, Mom” with a little heart beneath it.

Once I brushed all the dust away and polished away my guidelines, I added gold wax to the design to make the letters shine against this beautiful bourbon.

What is Calligraphy Engraving?

A calligrapher uses a mechanical tool with a ball-shaped tip to write on the surface in calligraphy. The tool scratches the letters and designs into the surface of the object. Letters and designs can be left blank, or the artist can fill them with wax or ink, as shown in the photo.

Request Custom Engraving

Bring your fragrance, wine or spirit bottle — or enameled drinkware — to my studio for custom calligraphy engraving.

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