Our Rebrand Journey

From Case Sensitive Designs to Crossroads Calligraphy

“Case Sensitive” was a pen name that chose me when I was a child. I kept it in my back pocket for when I would eventually become a writer. I liked that it had 2 parts, like a first and last name. Who knows why I didn’t want my given name attached to my work. Which is kind of ironic, because I attach my legal name to every photo I post online. Read on for highlights of our rebrand journey!

Zealous Branding

I didn’t put Case Sensitive to good use as a writer. When I started this calligraphy business in 2015, I was so excited to get the ball rolling that I slapped “Case Sensitive” in front of the acronym LLC. I later learned that it’s a typesetting term. It worked well enough, it relates to letters. But . . . check out our first logo :

No pen, and all we do is calligraphy and lettering. For the past 5 years, I’ve tried to streamline messaging from my business around the title. Oops. I clung to it because it was clever and memorable. I kept it because my work was case-sensitive: each project and client was its own thing.

As I went along, I began to realize that Case Sensitive wasn’t appropriate for the nature of the business, myself, or my clients. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or resources to make the adjustment. I didn’t make the time to adjust it. This was really the beginning of my rebrand journey. I had to get uncomfortable first.

Making Changes

Early in 2020, I took a deep dive into my business to better flesh out my messaging and regroup. I started asking clients for surveys and reviews and really paying attention to the language they used in our interactions. I finally made the decision to leave my day job and take my business full time on Leap Day. This move happened to coincide with the exponential spread of the Coronavirus.

Intentional Rebrand Journey

I wanted to devote what used to be my divided time and energy to building and growing my company. Purposefully planning for the future of the company became a priority rather than an afterthought. When I started Case Sensitive Designs, I was hoping to burst onto the wedding stationery scene and blow it out of the water (I still want to do that, lots of ideas swirling around). But looking at what my clients bring to the table, I noticed they aren’t all wedding clients. People come to me when they have made a change in their lives. Retirement, re-opening, starting a company, rebranding, having children, buying a new house, or giving gifts between the doorways of hearts.

I’d like to take a moment here to add that primarily, I am a visual artist. I have a tenderness toward the satisfaction of calligraphy and quality work. Underlining those two things is my honest fondness of human connection and experience. These are all things that chose me. The better I’ve gotten to know myself this year, the clearer vision I have of the future of what I’m building.

Introducing Crossroads Calligraphy

I am now reintroducing my company as Crossroads Calligraphy LLC. I felt happy writing that and it feels right. Expansive. Stately. And a little magical. It lends room for growth but is specific enough that the internet at large will know what they’re getting when they see it.

What’s Changing with the Rebrand?

You’ve been asking, I’ve been listening. Bringing calligraphy home is easier.

Original Calligraphic Artwork For the first time, I’m making original calligraphy and limited edition prints available. My spots for custom pieces and murals are still open, so you’ll have multiple options for adding calligraphy to your space or someone else’s.

Online Calligraphy Courses It’s finally happening! My Introductory Courses to Pointed and Broad Edge Calligraphy are opening for signups! These classes will be held on Zoom and eventually be available as permanent online courses. Join our e-mail list to get the news about new classes first! You’ll also get my Pre-Calligraphy Guide so you can get your tools and workspace set up properly and begin practicing at your convenience.

What Do Subscribers Need to Do?

You don’t need to change a thing. I’m switching things over on my end, so you’ll still be subscribed and following. Stick around for new product announcements and even more tutorials and tips like our recent blog post, What I’ve Learned After 5 Years in Calligraphy Business.

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Thank You

Thank you for giving any amount of attention to my work. You may have been one of the many eyes that’s graced this web page, shared, forwarded, commented, interacted, asked a question, or made a purchase. You keep pulling me toward authenticity. Here’s to the next chapter: Crossroads Calligraphy!

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