Calligraphic Oil Painting

A friend of mine, Samantha, posted the cutest photo of eggplants she grew in her garden. She captioned it, “My morning harvest”. The eggplants deserved to be immortalized! This was the perfect chance for me to experiment with layering text and images for a calligraphic oil painting.

Certificate Calligraphy

Certificate Calligraphy I regularly letter certificates of completion. I love to take the extra energy to commemorate the effort of achievement. This script is called Uncial and it’s written with a broad edge nib and sumi ink. Learn more about hiring me for your own set of certificates!

“Peace” Hand-carved Linoleum Block Print This is the card I designed for the 2017 holiday season. I handlettered and cut the word “Peace” into a linoleum block. This hand, or style of writing, is called versal. The lines for the letters are drawn individually, rather than being produced with a nib or a brush. The … More

The poem is from the perspective of the deceased, a comforting reminder of all the ways they never truly leave us. … More

Lovegrove Wedding Certificate What a treat it was to add the names to this wedding document! This was written in sumi ink with a Hunt 101 pointed flexible nib. Pete Lovegrove has the honor of officiating his son’s wedding this coming February. Many years of happiness to the newlyweds.

Namaste Woodburning This was my first official woodburning project that I didn’t view as a practice piece. As you can see below, this is a shallow wood block you can buy at a craft store or make yourself if you’re so inclined. I love paper and wood and eventually when I have the time, I will … More