Namaste Woodburning

Namaste Woodburning

This was my first official woodburning project that I didn’t view as a practice piece. As you can see below, this is a shallow wood block you can buy at a craft store or make yourself if you’re so inclined. I love paper and wood and eventually when I have the time, I will learn more about producing with it and different types of wood and the like. With this idea, I wanted to get some experience before I invested in more specific types of material.


What is a woodburning? The official name for it is “pyrography” — very basically burning designs into a material with a heated tool that looks like this:

2015-09-28 12.27.11 (1)

The points along the right hand side of the case are interchangeable and the user can adjust the heat setting depending on desired effect and the material. I am not an expert with it just yet, but these kinds of slow, thoughtful, and intricate projects are relaxing to me and I enjoy them. Plus it smells nice, if you like the smell of a campfire.


 I chose this particular block (and several others!) because the grain of the wood is more visible. Part of the appeal of this media to me is the opportunity to show off the wood! It’s beautiful, timeless, unique, and unpredictable! As for the word and lettering itself, the word reads “namaste”, which is  Sanskrit and loosely means “The universe in me honors the universe in you.” I chose loose letters for this one because I wanted a more casual, everyday, conversational appeal to the letters. The spacing between the letters also allows the viewer to enjoy the grain of the wood. Lastly, I didn’t go very dark with the lettering. I wanted to leave it as natural looking as possible.

Available for purchase and ready in 2 to 3 days.