Printable 4mm Copperplate Practice Guidesheet

Download this Printable 4mm Copperplate Practice Guidesheet to improve your calligraphy skills. These lines are great for making sure your ascending and descending strokes are consistent.

The guideline in the center of the x-height is great for making sure your strokes begin and connect where you want them to. If you’re just starting out with Copperplate Script, try out the larger 1cm Guidelines first!

4mm Copperplate Guidelines Feature:

  • Printable on 8.5″x11″ paper
  • Bold guidelines spaced 4mm apart
  • Lighter guidelines spaced 2mm apart for stem and loop accuracy
  • Slightly darkened x-height
  • Space between each line for notes and corrections

Suggestions for Using Your Guidelines:

  • Print on HP Premium Choice LaserJet paper for writing with a nib and ink
  • Paperclip marker paper over the guidelines so you don’t have to print as many guidesheets
  • Visit my YouTube Channel for calligraphy tips and tutorials


Printable 4mm Copperplate Practice Guidesheet Terms of Use

While you can print as many of these guidelines as you like, by downloading and printing them, you agree to only use them for your personal practice. You also agree not reproduce them for sale or for teaching your own classes.



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