1cm Copperplate Guidelines

Use these 1cm Copperplate guidelines to improve your calligraphy. Practice Copperplate calligraphy drills or letters. For learning and practice, writing bigger is better. The hand, eye, and mind need more time on the page in order to coordinate. For more about this, read my post, “Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them“. As you develop your skills, you can size down to our 4mm Copperplate Guidesheets.

Guideline Features:

  • Printable on 8.5″x11″ paper
  • 55-degree forward slant
  • Spaced 1 cm apart
  • Thin light lines let you see your letters accurately

Tips for Using Your Copperplate Guidelines

  • Print on HP Premium Choice LaserJet paper for writing with a nib and ink
  • Paperclip marker paper over the guidelines so you don’t have to print as many guidesheets
  • Begin your practice with a pencil first and use it until you have the shapes down and have developed a lighter pen hold (Check out my video, “How to Hold a Calligraphy Pen)

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Terms for Using the Copperplate Guidelines

While you can print as many copies of these guidelines as you like, by downloading and printing them, you agree to only use them for your personal practice. You also agree not reproduce them for sale or for teaching your own classes.

Get Better at Calligraphy

Here are a few articles to help you with your calligraphy practice. There are a lot of different ways to develop your skills. Try to focus on just one element at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.