Spring Wedding Signs

I had the pleasure of designing and lettering the spring wedding signs for Morgan and Brian. They were finally able to renew their wedding vows in front of friends and family! They chose the beautiful Kingan Gardens in downtown Tucson, Arizona as their venue.

Morgan and Brian provided all signs to me and some inspiration photos. They needed a welcome sign, a seating chart, and a bar menu. They later decided to add table numbers to match. I drafted my own ideas for the signs. Check out the photos below of the finished signs!

The Welcome Sign

I loved that Morgan & Brian wanted to include their original wedding date on their welcome sign. I thought it was a wonderful touch to include that part of their history!

This panel measured 36″ wide by 24″ tall. Brian sanded and stained this panel and the seating chart panel, below. I used white Posca markers to fill in the letters after I enlarged them and transferred them to the wooden panel. I used a 5mm bullet tip marker and a 3 mm bullet tip marker for this sign. bought a few different sizes of the markers at Arizona Art Supply here in Tucson. Support local businesses as much as you can!

The Seating Chart

I also used white Posca markers to fill in the letters and write the names onto this panel. To get the letters straight, I used a level and a few different measurements. I check my work as I go, so if things are a little off, I can correct it before I’m finished. For the title, I used a 3mm bullet tip marker; I used a 1mm flat tip marker for the names. I added their hashtag, #marryingthemcardles, at the bottom of the wedding sign using a gold Posca marker. View a timelapse video of the writing here.

Enjoying These Spring Wedding Signs?

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The Bar Sign

A bar menu with white and Gold calligraphy on a black chalkboard background. This was the favorite among all the wedding signs!

This chalkboard wedding sign measured 18″ wide by about 30″ tall. I used the gold Posca marker to fill in the rectangle backgrounds of the titles. Then, I wrote the titles on top using a white Posca marker. I wrote the names of the drinks in an art-deco style. This sign also features their signature wedding hashtag.

The Table Numbers

Lastly, I made table numbers out of black cardstock for display. I folded the cardstock in half and glued it shut so that the numbers would be thicker. This way, the numbers would be a little sturdier against any breeze. Each is numbered on the front and the back. Again, I wrote these in white and gold Posca markers.

I wrapped each wedding sign in kraft paper and tucked the table numbers inside a large envelope for protected transport. Though the lettering was completely dry, the paint can still be scratched and damaged. The couple said they’d left the signs wrapped until the day of the wedding, and that it was like opening gifts!

White cursive calligraphy on a black place card. The name reads, "Luciel". The edges of the card are softly torn. Tucson Calligrapher Renee McAdam made and penned this set.

Get inspired with more day-of touches using calligraphy!

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