Printable Holiday Cards

Printable Holiday Cards and Gift Tags are a longtime dream come true for us here at Crossroads Calligraphy. Each of the greeting cards below print 2 to a page with our logo on the back after assembly (view a tutorial here). I’ve included a faint line between the cards so you can cut them apart discreetly and accurately.

What I enjoy about these holiday cards is that they still have a handmade feel and quality to them, even though it’s a digital file. The cards measure 4.5″x5.5″ when finished and are blank inside. The holiday gift tags print 12 to a page. Read on about these wonderful holiday cards and visit our Etsy Shop to purchase your printable files!

Printable Yule Holiday Card

I’m fascinated by traditions that burn candles in their holiday trees and wreaths. It’s so magical to me that I’ve never looked up how it’s done. I just let the mystery be part of what I love about this practice. In my opinion, Versal Letters pair well with the nature of block carving and printing. I sketched this design before carving it into a rubber block for printing. I used a 4″x6″ Speedy-Carve block by Speedball, purchased at Arizona Art Supply. Chain art stores carry them too, but I always suggest shopping local!

After carving the block, I did a couple test prints and adjusted the carving accordingly before making a final print to digitize. To make the candle to appear “warm”, I used cool colors for everything except for the candle flame and its light. Before I added the watercolor, I used colored pencils on the (numerous) test block prints to choose colors.

Snowy Tree Printable Holiday Cards

This little tree is a block print that we revived from a few years ago. It’s a quiet scene with large snowflakes falling around a single tree. I painted the watercolor background with blue, pink, and purple watercolor. Since there’s no text on these cards, you can use them for any occasion throughout the cooler months.

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