Hand Painted Logo on Tucson Catering Trailer

Little did I know when I designed the logo for Scratching the Plate Mobile Kitchen and Catering that I would be painting it on their trailer! They acquired the trailer around the same time I completed the logo. I painted a smaller version of it before we went bigger, adding text and their contact information.

The Hand Painted Logo

I wrote the gestural “Scratching the Plate” with a folded pen and ink at my desk. I made the marks around the title using a plastic fork and knife dipped in ink. My idea was to make the text look the way a great meal looks when you’re halfway through with it. After that, I scanned it into my computer and scaled it up for painting on what I call, “the big yellow baby”.

The Window Side of the Trailer

The Window Side of the Catering Trailer

The hand painted logo on this side is about 6′ by 6′. I painted “Mobile Kitchen + Catering” high on the window of the trailer to still be visible in traffic. The social handles are placed so they’re still visible when the service window is propped open.

The Text Side

The Text Side of the Catering Trailer

Pablo decided on this text from his Instagram page that sums up how he feels about the work he does as a chef. This text area is roughly 8′ by 8′, meaning my stepladder and I settled in for the long haul on this big yellow baby.

“Scratch Kitchen” Door

A Surprise I Snuck in for Them

Pablo gave me creative freedom with this project. Again, I wrote “Scratch” at my desk with a folded pen and ink. I added this lettering and text to the door to the kitchen. Part of the reason was so guests would know not to go through that door. I also added it for fun and they loved it! Painting something permanent on a client’s vehicle as a surprise really made me feel alive!

Hand Painted Logo FB

Click the image above to see a behind-the-scenes post! You’ll get to see photos and video how I pulled this off. This was my largest project to date. It’s more detailed and nuanced than any mural I’ve done before. Contending with weather was a thing in and of itself. I’m thrilled with how it came out and I can’t wait to share more with you!