Abundance Calligraphy Composition

“Abundance: Great Quantities Moving in Waves”. This calligraphy composition measures 5″x7″ before framing. I completed it as part of a collection of calligraphy to display at Caffe Luce in Tucson, Arizona for the month of April 2022. So far, this is the piece patrons are most interested in! Read on for a little bit about how I created the background and calligraphy for this little reminder.

The Background

This is watercolor on Arches Cold Press Watercolor paper. I used a technique I found in the book, The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook by Gordon MacKenzie, to create the water-like effect. While the watercolor wash was still wet, I laid plastic wrap over the top, scrunching it up, Then, I let the whole setup dry. This was the result and I love how it turned out!

A photo showing the calligraphy and hand drawn lettering for my Abundance calligraphy composition.

The Calligraphy

I drew the letters based on Roman Capitals and filled them in with watercolor. To write the definition in simple Roman Capitals, I used a pointed calligraphy nib and watercolor. This paper is Arches Text Wove. All 3 layered sheets are hand torn.

A close-up of the definition part of my “Abundance” calligraphy composition. I wrote it in monoline in black ink. Look at this beautiful paper!

The Definition

One of the best things I learned was to look up words that were new to me. This practice flowered when I started looking up the definitions of words that I was unsure of. Each of us is working with our own lessons and concepts at any given time. Language helps me to tangibly work with what’s going on for me.

I love defining words with Dictionary.com because they include word origins. The word “Abundance”, for example, comes from the words “abound” and “undulate”. In my mind, it meant “a lot” or “in excess”. Getting into the etymology of the word gave me access to its richness, for lack of a better term!

“Abound” means to exist in great quantities. To “undulate” is to move in a wavelike motion. Great quantities moving in waves. This perspective removed the worthiness aspect I was injecting into the idea of abundance. It was like finding the pencil that was in my hand all along.

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