Helpful Articles

Learning calligraphy is challenging, fun, and rewarding. It’s more nuanced than handwriting. The articles below will help you get started gathering your materials and learning how to practice. For future class announcements and a 4-part Introduction series, subscribe to my email list.

Glossary A helpful collection of terms for people who are learning calligraphy

What I Wish I’d Known When Starting Calligraphy  There were some things I learned from experience and from preference. Some things that deterred me from even wanting to sit down to write.

Calligraphy Practice Supplies Study and practice make up the foundation of learning calligraphy. Having materials that interact well together will add to your success.

What is a Calligraphy Nib?? I’ll give you a brief overview of how a nib works and describe two of my current favorites.

Beginning to Write and Practice This article goes over how to choose a script and what to practice to improve your lines.

Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them There are videos of accurate calligraphy with seemingly no point of reference all over Instagram. These artists have thousands of hours of practice. Practicing with guidelines is essential to learning calligraphy.

Common Issues Here are a few points to pay attention to that even experienced calligraphers still have to pay attention to.