Santa Letters 2016 and A Year in Review

As I worked on Letters this year, this being the 3rd year I’ve done them, I realized that they measure my progress in calligraphy and in business. This year, I advertised them and posted about them a lot and got great feedback from peers and potential clients. This upcoming year, I’m developing an email list, so I should have a lot more orders. I also wrote the calligraphy much smaller and more consistently and since I’ve put some study into ligatures and flourishing, I had beautiful strokes in my pocket. I wasn’t nervous at all to start the project and I wrote each letter in an hour rather than in 2 with far less discomfort than usual.

I learned about management of time and more importantly of energy. During the year, I had 4 major undertakings — work my day job full time, train to teach yoga, run the business, and raise my 2 sons. The house is still standing, the kids are alive, and I still have a job and work. But I’ve learned to let go of the time I spend at my day job and to be committed to artwork. Mindset has come into play when I consider what I want the future to look like and what I choose to do with my time.

The most important thing, valuable thing, I learned last year is how crucial a deadline is for my success. I am great at putting things off and “when you get to it” projects just aren’t compatible with me. But that also goes with the above mindset of being more motivated to finish what I start.

I also learned to stop waiting for encouragement. It’s time for me to start doing and making mistakes. I need to learn about the things I want to do by actually doing tem. I feel like I have the skill to back up the name I want to make for myself, along with the personality. It’s time for me to make the name now and push forward with getting the word out about my work and what I want to teach people, yoga included. I’ve spent a lot of time reading people’s posts, listening to podcasts to learn, taking notes, scheming, and practicing. It’s time for me to join the league of the people who have my attention.

It’s also time for me to say Thank You for your attention. If you’re a friend of mine, family, or a coworker, thank you so much for your support. For being as excited about my dreams and ideas as I am.. Thank you for encouraging me when I was tired and for listening and helping when things were rough. TO my reader who I may have chatted with online, to my reader who likes my posts or who leaves generous compliments, thank you for your confidence in me. Thank you for being part of the conversation.

With all this in mind, and with renewed excitement and vigor, I begin this next year with plans to share my very best with each of you, humbly and with gratitude.