Three new pointed calligraphy nibs. From top to bottom: Hunt 101. Gillot 303, Nikko G

How to Start a New Calligraphy Nib

Why Your New Calligraphy Nib Isn’t Writing (Even Though You’ve Dipped it Into Ink More than 80 Times) It’s not you. And it’s not the nib. Calligraphy nibs are made … Continue reading How to Start a New Calligraphy Nib

Keepsake Wedding Calligraphy

Get behind the scenes of how I created this custom piece for Jase and Brittany’s bridal table, from concept to creation.

What is a Calligraphy Nib??

This post stems from a question a friend asked me, and it was worded pretty much the same as the title of the article. I’ll give you a brief overview of how a nib works and describe two of my current favorites.

Calligraphy Practice Supplies

This article is geared toward the aspiring calligrapher, someone inspired by letters but unsure about where to begin. I will go over materials and information I suggest to those looking to begin with calligraphy.

Wedding Calligraphy for Tucson Couple

I love to deliver work like this to my clients organized and ready to go. Planning an event like this requires so much attention to detail and I enjoy doing my part to minimize the energy my work requires for display.

Death is Nothing at All

The poem is from the perspective of the deceased, a comforting reminder of all the ways they never truly leave us. I love gift commissions — I enjoy ferrying love and thoughtfulness from one person to another.