5mm Spencerian Guidesheets

Improve your calligraphy practice with these printable Spencerian Guidesheets. They’re geared toward beginners, with bold, widely spaced guidelines. This allows you to see what you’re doing as you write. It also allows your hand and eye time as you’re writing to make decisons.

To see some great examples of this script, I recommend visiting the IAMPETH Spencerian Pages.

Guidesheet Features:

  • Printable on 8.5″x11″ paper
  • 52-degree forward slant
  • 5mm between each horizontal guideline
  • Bold baseline
  • Space between lines of text for notes and corrections

Spencerian Guidesheet Suggestions:

  • Print on HP Premium Choice LaserJet paper for writing with a nib and ink
  • Paperclip marker paper over the guidelines so you don’t have to print as many guidesheets
  • Use the extra space to take notes and correct your work

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Spencerian Guidesheet Terms of Use

While you can print as many as you like, by downloading and printing these Spencerian guidesheets, you agree to only use them for your personal practice. You also agree not reproduce them for sale or for teaching your own classes.

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