Calligraphy Demo

Explore your curiosity at a calligraphy demo! At each demo, I present a topic that’s helpful for people who are completely new to calligraphy. In 2022, I gave talks at Arizona Art Supply here in Tucson. Attendees were able to purchase the recommended supplies on the spot!

Each demonstration is in person and lasts for roughly 2 hours. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and try out the techniques using pens and paper I provide.

What Happens During a Calligraphy Demo

My demos are a combination of a short talk, hands-on practice, and the opportunity to watch a professional calligrapher write using the techniques we’ve discussed. No calligraphy experience is required for you to attend.

Previous Calligraphy Demo Topics

A Tucson calligrapher with red fingernails writes calligraphy on white paper. There are 3 different styles of calligraphy on the page. Calligraphy Demo, Arizona Art Supply, July 2022
  • how a calligraphy pen works
  • how to measure letter height
  • best pens, inks, and paper for beginners
  • quick ways to modify a calligraphy script
  • how to correct your work
  • how to sit for calligraphy

When is the Next Demo?

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2 pointed nibs rest on white lightly textured paper, surrounded by small white dried flowers, a cholla cactus rib, and 2 small stones.

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