This is a growing list of terms I regularly use when I’m writing about calligraphy and realize you may or may not know what they mean. I listed this first on the Learn page so that you would have some understanding as you start to go through the articles. As always, I am open to answering questions and clarifying.

rule updraw guidelines on a page
baselineline the letters rest on
x-heightheight of the lower case letters
ascending linestrokes that extend above the x-height
descending linestroke that extends below the x-height
minusculeslower case letters
majusculesupper case letters
upstrokea stroke written from the baseline upward
downstrokea stroke written toward the baseline
nibsmall metal instrument for writing calligraphy
tinesthe writing edge of a calligraphy nib is divided into sections. These sections are called tines. Ink flows between the sections from the nib to the page.
guidelineslines on a page that regulate letter size and slant