Calligraphy Murals

Murals are a unique and lasting way to upgrade your space!

With calligraphy murals, you can show your space a little appreciation without the hanging hardware. Choose words that have meaning to you or go for abstract calligraphic strokes. I’ll bring all equipment with me and work with your space for a calligraphic mural that looks like it’s always been there.

3 of My Favorite Calligraphy Murals

Dining Room Mural

This slender wall was begging for a little decoration after being freshly painted. When the word “gather” finally came to me, I couldn’t wait to arrange the letters into a calligraphic mural. Click below to see my concept sketches and a timelapse video I took while painting!

Hand Painted Logo

What started as an experimental piece grew to a larger-than-life logo for my client, Scratching the Plate Kitchen and Catering. I love any excuse to get out the stepladder, the paint, and hang out in the sunshine. Click below to see some process photos and how I painted both sides of the trailer.

“I can’t believe how articulate, imaginative, and flat out immaculate the artwork and print work from Crossroads Calligraphy is!! Every time I need something designed, painted, printed, or drawn; she comes through with my expectations surpassed! Strongly recommend to anyone!! A+!”

Chef Pablo Valencia

Threshold Calligraphy for Yoga Oasis

While they were temporarily closed during the pandemic, Yoga Oasis asked me to add a grounding quote to a threshold at their central location. Learn more about the process at the button below.

What Should I say on the Inquiry Form?

Chances are, you’ve been thinking about a mural for some time now. Share your ideas about the text you’d like to see in your space. I’ll need to know a few things: how large the area is you’d like to cover, the texture of the wall, what kind of traffic the area gets, and of course, what colors and text you have in mind!

Need Something a Little Less Permanent?

Visit our Custom Calligraphy page to see framed works you can take with you. Below are a few hand-painted signs I’ve made for clients as well!