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Wedding Table Numbers

Guide your guests through your reception with custom wedding signs inked by hand.

It’s your party; it should have your character. Get as specific as a calligraphy place card at each table setting or as helpful as a catchy “parking” sign. Have a single sign made, or choose a few for a sign package. Prices you see vary based on size and nature of surface, provided materials, and complexity of design. Scroll though to see our previous signs, or take a shortcut with these links:

Wedding Welcome Signs — starting at $100

Wedding Seating Charts — starting at $150

Seating Chart Event Sign
Wedding seating chart on a large gold mirror

Table Numbers — starting at $7

Escort and Place Cards — starting at $1.75

Brown Italic Calligraphy on a white card. The card is held upright by a decorative wine cork .
Placecard written by hand in calligraphy. Photo by Mina Hutchinson Photography
A bar menu with white and Gold calligraphy on a black chalkboard background.

Wedding Accent Signs — starting at $35

gold wedding calligraphy on a white card. It reads, "love is sweet". There is a plate of mini-cupcakes with white frosting behind the sign.
"Fields" as a calligraphy event sign
White lettering on a black chalkboard reads, "Wedding Parking". There is a purple directional arrow in the middle of the sign. Blue and purple artistic trees adorn the bottom corners of the sign; there are snowflakes drawn throughout the background.

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Black Envelope Calligraphy

Envelope Calligraphy

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