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Gold Calligraphy on a Black Envelope

The first thing people do with an envelope addressed in calligraphy is run their fingers over the words. Your invitations are the first impression of your event. Start things off in style with envelope calligraphy. We offer custom ink colors and different script styles to choose from for envelopes that they can’t wait to open.

Pricing and Timeline

Envelope Calligraphy starts at $2.75 per envelope for light colored envelopes that the client provides. This includes 4 lines of centered text in a simple script with pre-mixed ink. , Add custom ink colors, return addresses, and embellished calligraphy to suit the needs of your invitation suite for an additional fee.

Please allow 5 business days per 100 envelopes.

With respect to intimate gatherings, we accept envelope orders smaller than 50 with a minimum of 20 envelopes.

Envelope Calligraphy Experienc

The Envelope Calligraphy Experience

  1. Consultation: We’ll chat about what you want your envelopes to be like. I’ll get details from you such as the number of envelopes, script styles, rsvp addresses, and everyone’s favorite — ink colors! Book your envelope consultation here.
  2. Secure Your Spot: I’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the total cost of the calligraphy. With the Coronavirus still so widespread, we are currently doing no-contact deliveries and pickups.
  3. You Provide the Envelopes and Addresses: Include additional envelopes totaling 20% of the amount you need addressed. So if you need 50 envelopes addressed, you’d provide 60 envelopes. Extra envelopes are for testing ink, corrections, and extra addresses you might add. Gather the addresses exactly as you’d like them written in a spreadsheet. You can either email it to me or print it out.
  4. Calligraphy I mix any custom ink and review the spreadsheet for questions or discrepancies. Allow 5 business days per 100 envelopes. I’ll take good care of them while I have them.
  5. Complete Payment As I near the end of your guest list, I’ll invoice you for the remaining balance. By the time you pay it, I’ll be ready to return your envelopes.

Black Envelope Calligraphy
Black Calligraphy on Hydrangea Envelopes

Envelope Calligraphy is just the beginning.

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