Letters From Santa

Create magic with return Letters from Santa this year!

We craft a completely custom letter in calligraphy using a few details you send us. Then, we seal the Letters from Santa in a hand-addressed envelope and send it from the North Pole to anywhere you’d like!

Details for a Letter From Santa:

  • Include what they did well this year — at school or at home, activities, or something they’ve been working with. Commend them on taking good care of a pet, learning to read, or helping with a new sibling
  • Include your Elf on the Shelf’s name and what they have observed
  • Add something only Santa would know!
  • Include their Christmas wish
  • Santa can mention something they can improve to earn the wish!

This is a fun and additional way to show your children that you notice what they’re doing and you’re proud of them.

These letters also make a wonderful keepsake and are nice to have to remember the Christmases that have gone by.

You know how quickly they pass.


We offer pricing on a sliding scale to accommodate varying budgets. The highest listed price is for Paying it Forward for vulnerable members of our community. At-cost prices are listed as Normal Pricing. Select Supported Pricing or a Payment Plan if getting a letter for your child would create a hardship.

Sliding Scale Pricing

  • $30-$45 for one letter
  • $50-$75 for two letters
  • $90-$110 for three letters
  • Payment plan

Pricing includes composition of the letter, writing it in calligraphy, addressing and decorating the envelope, postage, shipping and handling. Multiple letters will be sent in the same envelope; the names of all recipients will be written on the front of the envelope. Individual envelopes can be specified at an additional cost. Select your appropriate price in the order form below. We will email you an invoice to pay online, so please enter your email address carefully.

Get Your Letters From Santa

Submit your order by Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Use the form below to get your request in! For multiple letters, fill out a separate form for each one.

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