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I recorded these videos as pre-calligraphy basics. They are geared toward someone who is interested in learning calligraphy and is figuring out what it’s all about. As I say probably in each of the following videos, cultivating skill in calligraphy isn’t about how much you spend on your instruments. It’s about the time you take to develop your lightness of touch and quality of line. These are things you can work with before you even buy a single calligraphy pen.

Calligraphy Practice Supplies

If you are inspired by letters and want to get started with calligraphy but aren’t sure about what supplies you really need, this video is for you. What we’re really trying to improve with calligraphy practice sessions is steadiness of hand and consistency in our letters. You probably already have what you need to get started with that!

Tips for Using Calligraphy Guidelines

Watch to learn what the horizontal and vertical guidelines mean for calligraphy. Renee also discusses the benefits of using guidelines and offers tips for drawing them.

Practicing Basic Calligraphy Strokes

Do you want to start learning calligraphy, but don’t feel ready to start with pen and ink? Get a pencil and watch this video. Believe it or not, calligraphers use more writing tools than pen and ink. While quality materials make a difference, they’re not going to contribute to the quality of the lines you can write.

What is a Calligraphy Nib??

Renee shows you what a calligraphy nib is using a Pointed Flexible Nib and two Broad Edged Nibs. How do they work? How should you handle them? You’ll also see how to take care of calligraphy nibs and what can happen if they’re neglected!