Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy — Payment

I offer workshop prices on a sliding scale to create better access to this education. My own access to learning calligraphy has also been through scholarships and payment plans. In turn, I offer these options as well to invite more minds in to the practice of calligraphy.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Appropriate Price:

  • Pay it Forward: For those who can choose to Pay it Forward for vulnerable members of our community
  • Normal Price: The regular price of the class
  • Payment Plan: Paying the Regular Price of class in 4 payments, completed before the last session of class

Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy — Pay it Forward

Choose this option to help another student access this class!


Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy — Regular Price


Intro to Broad Edge Calligraphy — Payment Plan

Choose this option to make 4 payments of $41.25. Tuition must be paid in full by the beginning of the 2nd and final session.


Pay What You Can

If none of the above options are accessible to you, I’m offering 2 Pay What You Can Spots. Use the form below to submit a request.